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FAQ Candidates

Does the recruitment process cost me anything?

No, the recruitment process is completely free for the candidates.


Do I need to speak german fluently to apply to a job in germany?

No, most employers accept candidates with mediocre german skills but show ambition to improve their skills. For a succesfull recruitment you need to atleast be able to handle basic communication and show clear ambitions to improve your german in a fast manner.  


Who will cover the travel expenses to get to the interview?

These expenses are usually taken care of by the employer. You will receive ore detailed information about this once you receive an invitation for an interview.


Who will cover the expenses associated with a possible trial working period?

Usually the future employer will take care of expenses like travel costs and accomodation. You will receive detailed information about this once you get invited to a trial working period.


What is the procedure after my arrival in Germany?

We will pick you up directly after your arrival and accompany to your first meeting with the new employer. Before you start your work we will assist you in finding suitable accomodation for the initial period of your time in Germany.


Who organizes my trip to germany?

All the organization and planning (travel, accomodation etc.) will be taken care of by us.


Will there be someone for me to reach out to even after I take up work ?

Yes, we will do our best to stay in contact even after a succesfull recruitment and are always available to answer questions.


Will I get help finding accomodation?

Yes, as soon as you get your employment contract vrom your employer, you can start looking for a flat. You will get help either by us or by your employer.




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How much will the search for suitable applicants from abroad cost me?

The search itself and all other measures are free of charge until the position is actually filled. The fixed commission is only due after signing the employment contract with the applicant mediated by us.


Do the foreign applicants want to stay in germany permanently?

Yes, the applicants are looking for a secure longterm employment in Germany to build a new future for themselfes and their families. On request we can also look for applicants that only want to stay in germany for a limited time.


Are the qualifications of foreign applicants comparable to German degrees?

The training and education foreign applicants receive obviously is not always equivalent to the one obtainable here in germany. A majority of the industry specific skills are obtained through actually working in a specific field, here the differences between working in germany or abroad are much smaller. If you are looking for applicants with very specific skills or qualifiacations we will consider these in our search for your ideal employee. 


Are the CVs and certificates of the applicants comparable to typical applications from Germany?

We take care to adapt the CVs of ur foreign applicants to german standarts. Due to the difficult economic situations in many european countries applicants are often forced to change their jobs or even switch to completely different industries many times during their careers. This should be taken into account when considering their CVs. 


What level of german language skills can be expected from the applicants?

On principle we only mediate applicants with atleast reasonable knowledge of the german language.


Which permits do foreign applicants need before starting work?

Applicants from inside the EU do require neither work nor residency permits. They can immediatly start working in germany.


Is official recognition of foreign qualifications required?

Official recognition is only required if the employees work in a temporary work arrangement. We are happy to answer any questions concerning the validation process.


Can the applicant also be invited for trial work?

Yes, inviting applicants for trial work is possible. Although this usually requires covering the expenses the trail work brings for the applicant, since they often are not able to cover the costs themselfes. 


Who organizes the applicant's journey to the job interview or to trial work?

Organizing the applicants journey and accomodation will be taken care of by us.


Who will be helping the applicants with finding accomodation?

Applicants usually require support in finding accomodaion for the initial time of their stay in germany, this can be taken care of by you or by us, depending on what is most convenient for all parties.


Why do qualified workers from abroad want to come to Germany?

For many people it is no longer possible to provide for their families due to the economic situation in their homeland. Therefore they are looking for a new, secure future in Germany for themselfes and their families.


What guarantees do I receive for the new employee?

Even with detailed pre-selection interviews it is possible that applicants will decide against a future working in germany. Should this happen we will try to find alternative candidates as soon as possible. 



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